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Company in Brief


PT VUTEQ INDONESIA is a leading automotive parts Manufacturing the following markets:

  • Automotive Part Manufacture
  • Automotive part Sub Assembly
  • Transportation & Sequential Delivery
  • Packaging & Warehouse.

We continuously improve our manufacturing technology  through strategic joint ventures and technical assistance agreement with component manufacturers from Japan and American.

Our products are used by car and motorcycle manufacturers such as Suzuki, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi.


Achieving Excellence in A Challenging Environment

The Company was able to establish a firm basis for future prosperity by focusing on key marketing and manufacturing strategies, despite the challenges it faced. This has been acknowledged by the granting of awards and other forms of recognition from prestigious domestic and international institutions and bodies.

Strategies that the Company implemented in the face of these challenges included generating Good Quality, increasing production efficiency, reducing operating costs, enhancing the knowledge of its workforce, and continuing the improvements in all business sectors. The Company continued to intensify its commitment to achieve increased efficiency and effectiveness throughout by increasing the Company's management qualities.

By implemented these policies, the Company profitability, productivity, and greater penetration of domestic and international markets can be ensured in years to come.