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Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission


a company producing automotive plastic parts and assembling a world-class quality, with timely delivery in order to give satisfaction to the customer


1. Innovate in products and processes

2. Continuous improvement to customer satisfaction

3. Provide products and services (services) that have added value to the customer

4. Build a good partnership for growth and existence

5. Develop human resource potential

PT. vuteq Indonesia seeks to become manufacturers of automotive components, assembling the industry providing a reliable service, in each operation lebutuhan and always puts customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

1. Maintain product quality according to customer requirements

2. Ensure timely delivery

3. Effective and efficient in production process

4. Give special attention to product safety requisite customer

5. Committed to continuous improvement of the QMS and to constantly monitor relevant performance against the target of quality in production process

Commitment of Management

Our entire Management pt, vuteq Indonesia stated commitments to seriously and consistently develop and implement a quality management system 1so 9001:2008 and will be sustainable improvements efectifitas do with the way

1. Always publicate the importance of meeting customer requirements, rules and regulations.

2. Establish policies and objectives to be quality

3. Conduct a review and evaluation of the quality management system

4. give special attention to product safety (special characteristic) requisite customer