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VUTEQ INDONESIA is a foreign capital investment company of Japan. This has established since 10 March 2004. Our premises are in industrial area Indonesia with main business in Manufacturing and Assembling of Automotive.

Since our founding, we have endeavored to serve as an indispensable company to all of our customers, who have prospered with the flourishing of the Japanese automobile industry. Believing above all that people make up the true worth of a company, we have committed ourselves to the development of our workers. With the motto, Through hard work, we can learn to appreciate the fruits of our labors, we have succeeded thanks to a focus on our staff and their workplace.

Which our rich experience and was supported by our competent human resource, and whit the application of the TUV NORD of ISO 9001-2008, we are ready to step into the free competition are. Our commitment we are developing the future with our enthusiasm and sincerity.